designer: Dan Yeffet
year of design: 2016
material: silvered glass, glass, metal, marble

“Material and craft are persistently at the core of Dan Yeet’s research, interrogations and inspirations. Therefore his first collaboration with Czech manufacturer Verreum seamed to be the perfect occasion to imagine « counterbalance », a light which pays tribute to the glassblowing technique. Showing the essence of craft, “counterbalance” strips down both material and gesture. A long glass tube, evocative of glassblower’s blowpipe, holds a bubble, slowly shaped by the blow. Furthermore, « Counterbalance » also represents an indepth study of source of light. In order to respect the purity of craftsmanship, the light source was discretely placed in a black marble base, highlighting its oblong shape as well as its subtle material and hue association.”

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