designer: Sacha Walckhoff
year of design: 2015
material: silvered glass, glass

“Bewildered by the choreography of glass blowers in the Novy Bor Verreum manufacture in the Czech Republic, I came up with the Reverso collection. With a blowing cane, master glass-makers pick melting glass from the crucible to lift it up to the skies. They then sprinkle it with water and steam, and lodge it into a wood and oak cast to blow it into its final shape. This ballet with pure matter inspired me five glasses and three vases, translucent and silver coated, fun to use in many a different and surprising way. The vases of this collection are there to be matched or assembled, played with, turned upside down to change into photophores or even glass lanterns when they are not filled with flowers. All the glasses follow the same principle, and so the champagne flute, once bottom up, becomes a tumbler while the white wine glass turns into a coffee cup when on its head.”

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