As the name suggests, Verreum aims at reviving traditional glass making craftsmanship, focusing on the revival of the unique silvered glass production. Verreum re-invented this forgotten technique from scratch, coupling tradition and technologies and a new design language. Since then Verreum produces smaller decorative items like vases, bowls, lamps, candlesticks or small furniture pieces and collaborates with both Czech and international designers including Rony Plesl, Jií Pelcl, Olgoj Chorchoj, Arik Levy, Karim Rashid, Sebastian Herkner and many others. For the creation of its products, Verreum seeks high-skilled craftsmen around the glass manufacturing facilities in Nový Bor, Northern Bohemia, the famous production center of Czech glass heritage and revives the unique silvered glass techniques and connects them with the best glass blowing specialists with the mission of sustaining the Bohemian glass making tradition.